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Maqui Berry - End of the Search for that Ultimate Panacea

All the berries we know are good health supplements and there are many with greater qualities. One such recent revelation is Maqui berry, a well kept secret of Chilean Mapuche Indian tribes. It is perhaps the only berry to win appreciation from all quarters without any negative review.
We are all aware about the goodness of blue berries, raspberries, acai berries, goji berries and many other berries, but there is one super berry known as Maqui berry, of which we have only a little knowledge. It is also known as Chilean wine berry is found mostly in Valdivian temperate rainforests of Chile. Its botanical name is Aristotelia chilensis and it belongs to Elaeocarpaceae family. It is also found in some parts of Argentina bordering Chile. Chilean wine berry, as it is commonly known, grows in dioecious (plants with distinct male and female forms) trees that grow up to 5 meters in height. It is an evergreen tree. The purple black berries are edible and their size is about 6mm dia. It is also grown abundantly everywhere in Chile and you can spot them on roadsides, all over the hill sides, fields and on the borders of areas that are marked as forest. Commercial cultivation is not necessary in this area as they are abundantly available without doing anything. They are harvested and used by Mapucha tribes of Patagonia region of Chile. Attempts are being made to cultivate it in Spain as the popularity of this fruit with high qualities has increased.

Maqui Chilean Berry as the Ultimate Health Supplement

Mapuche Indian tribes, perhaps the only Indian tribe that was left unconquered by the colonists had identified its medicinal properties even before it was commercially introduced in US and other markets. Now it is harvested by them in thousands of tons and is exported to other parts of the world as the awareness on the qualities of this fruit has increased and it is still growing. Unlike many other berries, Chilean wine berry is delicious to eat and it is very sweet and it has an inviting flavor. Dr. Juan Hancke and other medical doctors had spent several years searching for the qualities of this fruit and have come out with highly positive results.

In his research he has found out that these berries contain large quantities of anthocyanins and they have high anti oxidant capabilities and they have purple pigments that give its color to the berry. Specific anthocyanin that is present abundantly in this berry is delphinidins; though it is available in low quantity in some other fruits, their presence is remarkable in the Chilean wine berry. Delphinidins is a powerful anti inflammatory and has the capacity to curb a whole lot of degenerative diseases that involve inflammation. Almost all the degenerative diseases from cardiovascular to arthritis to diabetes are inflammatory by nature and we can very easily say that all the diseases ending with itis are inflammatory and it will have no negative effects. The purple pigments in the berries can inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells.

Maqui Berry Juice

The anti oxidant properties of Chilean wine berry can prevent the process of oxidation of cholesterol in blood, which is a major reason for the formation of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, stroke, and hardening of arteries. A regular intake of Maqui berry juice will keep all the heart related problems away from you. A regular intake will increase the insulin levels and it can help suppress the blood glucose. Due to its antibacterial qualities, it can prevent those diseases that are air or food borne.
Fat people always want to lose their weight by burning the extra fat and most of the so called approved weight loss pills come with severe side effects. Now, there is a natural way to lose your weight without any side effects. You can use this Chilean wine berry and it is not only free from side effects but it is highly beneficial. It suppresses your appetite in the most natural way and it will stop that craving for food which most overweight people suffer from and they will be hungry only when their body requires food. It controls the eating habits that are most required for losing weight. It will speed up the body metabolism. This natural increase in metabolism will help the extra fat to burn quickly and prevent it from accumulating.

Maqui Berry Reviews

One of the finest qualities of this berry is its role in developing the mental health. We discussed a lot of physical benefits given by this berry but the mental health it provides is amazing. Lot of Maqui berry reviews have pointed out that they felt happier after they began to consume the berry supplements. They report that they felt more focused and energetic and no other fruit supplements have received these many positive reviews as this berry.
It gives a special shine and radiance to people who consume this fruit and this is reported even by Mayans, who kept this berry with high regard. Some of the reviews say that it is a revolutionary discovery of our time. No side effects are reported so far and the scientists and researchers agree in one voice that it is the super food of tomorrow. The antioxidant content of this pulpy fruit is so awesome that any side effect will go away unnoticed. Chilean Mapuche tribes were using this for centuries and they live in one of the most hostile atmospheres and they resist most of the diseases because of its regular consumption both in its fresh and preserved forms. Buy Maqui berry and get benefited. You cannot ask for anything that is better than this Chilean wine berry. It is the end of your search for that ultimate panacea that can keep you healthy.
When you buy it, you should get it from people who are reliable. You may get cheated by buying sub standard low quality supplements of this berry. For the best quality, you may click this link and get genuine Maqui berry. Do not compromise on the quality and get the best quality for the finest results. A regular consumption of this Chilean wine berry will give a healthy life to you and your family. Considering the powerful qualities it has, it will be a small investment for the future. It can save thousands of dollars by preventing most of the common diseases and will allow you to lead a happy life. Click on the link and you will get surprise discounts.